Making the Best of Mommy Hood Days, without losing your True Self


Master Productivity

Coffee helps, but I give you real, practical tips that could save you as many as 15 hours per week!

Discover & Re-Discover

Empower your inner self with clarity, drive, motivation and confidence.

Balance & Self Care

Create positive change for a well balanced, happy, healthy life as a woman (even as a busy mom).

Rise and Shine Mini Course

Rise & Shine – Mini Course

Increase your productivity in life, and as a mom! This mini-course gives you a daily challenge for 8 days and is packed with 5 bonuses!


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Motherhood Simplified

Motherhood Simplified

This course is packed with 6 weeks of tangible and valuable “mama modules,” designed to increase your efficiency, vamp up your energy and empower your feminine strengths as a woman and as a mom!

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FREE Mom Vault of Resources

Kindred Courses Mom Vault

Access a complete VAULT of tools to print, download and access at your mom-friendly leisure! Inside you will find tools to increase your productivity, plan ahead, set goals, self-care, kid/family checklists and a whole lot more! EVERYTHING in the VAULT is FREE!!


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Online Courses for Moms
Tabitha | Blogger, Coffee Queen and Mama (aka: Doer of all things)

Welp – sister, you have find your holy grail!  No I’m NOT a magician.  Just a mom that’s been able to master the art of productivity and routine. 

PS:  Don’t worry, what I teach doesn’t involve crayons or finger paint.  

Maybe it’s the elephant in the room, but I can’t possibly be the only mama that’s felt this way!  

As a teen or while enjoying college life, you have your whole life planned out.  Everything is perfect.  

Then REAL life actually does happen and let’s face it, it’s hard! Just like our momma’s said it would be!

😘PSST! New Bestie here! 

I’ve studied psychology like it was my job (and now it kind of is – LOL).  I have your back and through every program I offer, there is an emphasis on clarity, confidence and internal fulfillment!